History and Philosophy of Care 

We provide the highest level integration of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular physical therapy. Because of our specialty status, we have attracted some of the best therapists in the country. At our clinic, your care will always be provided by a physical therapist with your best interest in mind. Our goal is to assist you to regain participation in life activities that may be limited by dizziness, imbalance, pain or mobility related to your diagnosis or condition.

As adjunct faculty at both Regis and University of Colorado, our therapists are leaders, adept at integrating practice into theory. As a part of national and international teaching and professional activities, our therapists take our advanced methods to the world, and have brought back concepts from some of the top names in the field. For example, optokinetic intervention for dizziness and balance was introduced to us by Alain Semont in Paris, and we were the first here to integrate it into our clinical practice. We, then participated in the research at Regis that has made it part of universal treatment today.

We are in network with most insurers and remain in tier one status thanks to participating in national insurance industry professional panels. We have a wide network of referring practitioners, and are linked with many other therapists to provide care for complex patient needs.

Our treatment focus is close to home and community. The most important time we spend, is our time with you. Our mission is to provide the highest quality physical therapy with utmost respect and compassion for every individual.